Measuring your lawn

Measuring your lawn requires a little bit of patience, and some basic math you might have forgotten over the years. The following formulas are useful when determining the square footage of your lawn. For irregular areas, square-off small sections and then add total square total feet of each section. Brooks Turf is not responsible for mis-measurements.


Squares and rectangles

Ok, we start you off easy. Use length times width for any section with 4 sides will give you the square footage you will need.


This might sound tricky but, it is only one extra step from squares and rectangles. Measure your base and times it by the height, then divide that total by 2. Thats it!


Now time to show your kids you still have it. Measure from the outside edge of the circle to the middle, this is the radius (Not all the way across to the other edge). Round up to the nearest foot. 12ft, 20ft, 35ft...Now suspend logic for a moment and multiple the radius by itself. Yes, 12ft times 12feet = 124ft...Then multiply that total by 3.14. Now for a test. If your radius is 12 feet, how many square feet of sod do you need to order.?

12 x 12 x 3.14= 452 feet